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Denmaur Independent Papers are one of the UK’s largest independent paper merchants, offering paper solutions for designers & end users, publishers and printers alike. Our product range includes graphic and publishing papers, supported by leading recycled brands with chain of custody FSC and PEFC certification and Carbon offsetting availability.

Publishing Zone

Dedicated customer focussed solutions designed for the Publishing industry are offered by friendly, knowledgeable staff, supported by an industry leading paper management system, and a free samples and dummy mock-up service......

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Printer Zone

Denmaur offer a comprehensive range of quality papers for litho and digital printing. Top paper brands such as Amadeus Primo, UPM Fine and UPM Finesse. Plus the leading recycled Revive range, with FREE carbon balancing, FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification....

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Designer Zone

At Denmaur, we pride ourselves on our customer service. As a truly independent merchant, we are not tied to any particular manufacturing mill group. This Independence opens up the opportunity for us to source a wider group of products to specifically suit our client’s needs, from regular graphic or publishing papers through to specialist creative and technical papers.....

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Environment Zone

Sustainably produced paper is at the very heart of Denmaur’s sourcing policy. Our industry leading Revive Recycled brand is a wide offer of coated, magazine and offset options. Denmaur Independent Papers are the first UK paper merchant to be Carbon Balanced, as well as being FSC and PEFC certified, EUTR compliant and have ISO 14001 EMS..... 

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General Enquiry Zone

At Denmaur, we pride ourselves on our customer service. As a truly independent merchant, we are not tied to any manufacturing mill group. This independence gives us the opportunity to source a wider group of products for you, from day to day papers to something a bit different....

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"“The partnership between Pensord and Denmaur has grown significantly over the past few years and this is no accident.  Our business ethics are closely aligned which is important but most importantly they take time to understand our business needs and look to accommodate those needs and simply making business easy to do.” 
Darren Coxon, MD, Pensord Press
"We are happy with the service we receive from Denmaur, the paper comes on time and is well packed. The invoices come exactly as the purchase orders which saves me time not having to sort the odd pennies."
Ian Kelly, Popi Print & Design Limited
"Going that extra bit, that's why we use you, thanks again."
Ian Daniels, MD, Caravelle Creative Limited