Relive the launch of Revive Carbon Balanced papers and Denmaur's environmental seminar on the Paris Climate Change agreement (COP21).

Below are a number of videos from key environmental speakers, including leading environmentalist Jonathon Porritt who talked of ‘the best of worlds and the worst of worlds’, being his take on the Paris climate agreement. You can now watch the whole seminar in bite size videos, packed with information about the main climate change issues, benefits and sustainability of recycled paper and a simple and effective way of reducing the impact (carbon impact) of printed media.


Jonathon Porritt – Leading Environmentalist – Former Chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission, advising HM Government
COP21 Paris climate change agreement – What is the likely impact for business

Tom Hill – Environmental Economist, PwC UK
COP21 – What does this mean for PwC?

Jonathan Tame – Director, CarbonCo
“Carbon Balanced Paper”

Roger Wilson – Senior Conservationist, The World Land Trust
“The World Land Trust

Julia Young- Manager of Global Forest Trade Network (GFTN, WWF UK)
Recycled Paper and Forestry

Danny Doogan – Sustainability Manager, Denmaur Independent Papers
The Solution – Revive Carbon Balanced Recycled Papers

Q&A Revive Environmental Seminar


Revive Launch Party
Featuring Comedian Jon Culshaw