As part of Denmaur Independent Paper’s commitment to environmental responsibility, we have outsourced the further reduction of our carbon footprint, by investing into two separate offsetting projects.


What do you get ?

Our investment allows for an agreed quantity of the above paper grades to be carbon offset to net zero - this includes all carbon emissions associated with their manufacture, storage and logistics the volumes of which have been independently assessed and audited.  Therefore you get Carbon Neutralised paper.

How are the emissions offset ?

The carbon emissions are then offset by way of our investment through The CarbonNeutral® Company, split equally into a wind power project and a reforestation project.  Both projects are verified and validated by recognized Carbon Offsetting Standards, which is why CarbonNeutral® certification rates overwhelmingly above alternative carbon offsetting schemes that are commercially available.

Tell your customers ?

By using Denmaur supplied carbon neutralized papers, you get an official Carbon Neutral Certified Paper logo when using the above grades. Each logo will be uniquely identifiable with artwork available from Denmaur Independent Papers on request. This demonstrates to your customers about your commitment in reducing your carbon footprint.

Denmaur purchased credits go toward supporting the Uchindile Mapanda Reforestation and Andipatti wind power project. Click on the VIDEO link below for further information about Uchindile.

For further information on these two projects, click on the quick links below, both of which open pdfs.

To learn more about The CarbonNeutral Company and the finances of carbon offsetting, please click on the link below.


To go directly to the website of The CarbonNeutral Company and the finances of Carbon Offsetting, please click on the link below.