Denmaur Independent Papers are proud to be members of the Professional Publishers Association (PPA), and have been so for a number of years.



In 2013, the PPA celebrated its 100th year, and Denmaur were proud to work closely with the Association, and a great many of its members, sponsoring a number of events such as the Annual awards dinner, the Annual Conference and the Independent Publishers Association conference and awards in December.


The PPA is a wide community of organisations and companies working in the publishing sector - the PPA represents them all, from the smaller independents to larger groups with a multi-national footprint. Denmaur Independent Papers are keen to be part of this forum and offer its support. We do this by taking part in a number of activities which the PPA organise, and also working independently with PPA members. 

Most recently, Denmaur played a leading role in the PPA Festival, sponsoring and attending the event, taking a stand and providing the paper for the event programme.

For further details about the PPA, please click on the following link. (This will take you to the PPA website.)