At Denmaur we strive to include sustainability throughout our business model. We acknowledge that the supply chain process continues beyond paper and print and so it is increasingly important to demonstrate our value as a sustainable supplier.


We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and as part of our integrated Environmental Management System, all office, warehouse and logistics functions fall within the scope of Act on CO2 at Denmaur, an initiative that was created based on the 3R principle - Reduce, Recycle and Re-use.

FSC® and PEFC certification provides compliance with the EU Timber Regulations, ensuring that our paper products, whether produced from virgin and recycled fibre, come from known, sustainable and legal sources.

Denmaur Independent Papers are an equal opportunity employer, promoting the health, safety and welfare of our employees, as well as providing access to regular training and personal development to ensure that we continue to operate successfully as competitive paper supplier.

Our suppliers are continuously gauged in terms of their own environmental, quality and CSR performances. As an environmental minimum we expect paper mills to be ISO 14001 certified, although the overwhelming majority have achieved the higher EMAS standard.

Paper manufacturers must demonstrate transparency in terms of sustainable and legal fibre procurement, and, upon request, provide evidence of the tree species of the fibres they have sourced, including and country and forest region of origin. We invite manufacturers  to provide regular communication with regard to their activities – including news relating to the environmental and social aspects of their business.

In addition to our legal and statutory requirements, we regularly engage with companies and NGO’s to ensure to we address sustainability in relation to our business activities, and to endorse the use of paper as a sustainable, renewable and highly recyclable resource.