We acknowledge the importance of demonstrating the sustainability of paper and print, which is not always possible when the criteria of existing certifications cannot be fulfilled. However, the client or the end user can still enhance and communicate your green credentials and those of the paper products which have been sourced for the publication or printed material.


Denmaur Independent Papers are able to offer you our own sustainable paper logos.

The requirements for using the Sustainable Paper label do not involve the complexity of the chain of custody process, and the label itself can be specified by end users, publishers and printers as well as outsourced print management companies.

The Denmaur Sustainable Paper label is free and it provides confirmation that the paper used is produced from legal and sustainable sources. The label also makes reference to a web link which will explain to readers the important benefits of sustainable paper.


  • A label to promote the sustainability of paper and print
  • An endorsement of supply chain sustainability
  • Permits the combination of environmentally recognized products
  • Dispenses with multiple compliance procedures as well as certification and associated fees
  • No complex user and brand identity guidelines

Contact Denmaur Independent Paper for further information on the availability and use of our sustainable paper label.